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Friday, April 25, 2014

Overweight? Here’s What’s to Come of It

Getting anobesity (1) objective and realistic perspective of one’s weight gets harder and harder every day in America. People convince themselves that their weight is average because everyone around them looks the same, or that their weight isn’t a health problem because of the constantly falling standards for public health and appearance.

The struggle is real, take action now to reduce fat acceptance and take back your nation’s health. Other issues come with being overweight, but for the majority these are the most problematic and frequent.

Type 2 What

Type 2 diabetes is a blood sugar disorder in which blood sugar levels are abnormally high, causing major stress to the body’s organs. Although genetics come into play when considering if you’ll get diabetes, your weight comes into play a little stronger; this was a major cause of death in America a few years ago.

The truth is that obese and overweight bodies are unattractive, unhealthy, and at risk for some seriously crippling health conditions that no one should have to suffer through. Here’s the most likely outcomes if you’re overweight, remember these are only the most common horrors and there are dozens of other possibilities. All of these disorders are 100% reversible and controllable with weight loss.

Blood Pressure Issues

Having high blood pressure doesn’t mean your obese or vise versa, however obesity greatly increases your chances of having a higher blood pressure. The kidneys feel the stress of additional fat cells in the body, and in turn produce more blood to carry oxygen to those cells. Reducing weight in many cases completely solves a patient high blood pressure issues, however in some cases drugs or other treatments are needed.

Having high blood sharma-obesity-doctor-and-patient5pressure means that the heart works harder and also puts additional stress onto the kidneys. High blood pressure is exactly as it sounds, the heart is working extra fast and the blood is pressing harder than normal on the arteries throughout the body. Every time the heart pumps, it propels blood throughout the body.

This is the leading cause of death in America, and its a direct result of our country’s weight problem. A loss in weight means a loss in chances for developing these heart diseases as you age. For some, even lowering their weight by 5% means reducing your risks. Lowering your cholesterol and blood pressure, weight loss is directly correlated with improving heart health.

Heart Failure

Strokes, heart attacks, and agina are all heart diseases umbrellaed into the heart disease term. Heart disease is ultimately what the obese population face if they fail to drop their weight. Both high blood pressure and diabetes lead to some form of heart disease, whether your stroking out or suffering from abnormal heart beat.

Around eight percent of patients diagnosed with diabetes are over weight. Doctors aren’t 100% agreed upon why overweight people are more likely to have this disorder, but are agreed that lowering your weight reduces your chances of developing it. For those already diagnosed as diabetic, better diet and exercise can completely eliminate any medicine or treatments you have, essentially curing you entirely.

Plastic Surgery Made Easy

I just recently went underplastic-surgery the knife for a jaw reconstruction surgery and this cosmetic group, a site dedicated to connecting patients with local doctors, made the process much more streamlined. With their easy to use form I was connected to the perfect doctor for my procedure, it really made finding a doctor so much easier. I had a friend get work done a few months back and she ended up paying over two thousand dollars in consultation fees to find a surgeon she was comfortable with.

After being connected with my surgeon with the help of my consultation, surgery, and recovery were all incredibly smooth. I was lucky to have a real professional to work with and not have to worry about anything. My anxiety levels surrounding the surgery dropped the minute I met my new doctor, confidence and energy levels are everything to doctor patient relationships.

The Procedure

I was able to schedule my surgery only two weeks after meeting the doctor for the first time, their office was really in order and able to get me into their systems with surprising efficiency. My first consultation pretty much consisted of outlining my goals with the surgeon, him running through the risks with me, and of course any complications that might arise during the procedure and for the first few months afterwards.

The day of the surgery was extremely relaxing. I felt comfortable in the operating room and didn’t have any of the usual anxious shutterings as the anesthesia was administered. From there of course I don’t remember anything until waking up but from what I understand everything in the surgery went exactly according to plan and there was no major complications. I was only under the influence of the anesthesia for about four hours total.


When I first awoke there medical recovery centerwas a little pain, but a nurse quickly was able to assess my situation and handled everything smoothly. Soon I was painfree and sipping on a smoothy like a champ. I stayed in a recovery facility for three days just to play it safe and didn’t have much that went wrong there, although I would have like to see more food options. There wasn’t much pain in my face after the first 36 hours or so after completing the surgery.

Soon the recovery bandages came off and I got my first glimpse of the results, it was truly breathtaking. It felt like the person I had been all along but was hidden by a false shell. The doctor was definitely in tune with my goals for the operation and nailed every angle and facet of my look to perfection!

Three Healthy Habits to Boost Your Wellness

With all the fad diets and healthy dietcountless new health problems blared at us everyday it can be difficult to stay focused on a core regiment for good health. There’s endless inputs keeping you distracted from simple solutions to being much healthier, even taking a drive down the road you’ll see billboards plastered with shotgun responses to small problems. Don’t worry about new diet plans and flashy health media campaigned products, stick to the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle and develop it according to whats best for you.


One habit that often gets muddled with false information is the practice of snacking. Many people often feel guilty eating a snack between meals, but the opposite should be true according to nearly every study featuring snacks. Despite the false pretenses, snacks can help you shed off the pounds or manage a healthy weight. Most people might think of snacks as unhealthy because of what they usually pick to snack on. Snacking on natural grains or plants has been proven time and time again to help keep a steady digestive flow and has even been shown to improve people’s mood.

Stay Hydrated

The easiest and most basicstaying hydrated health habit that’s dropped these days? Drinking enough water! With so many other drinks out there today the message of how much water is proper gets, well, watered down. Don’t forget that we’re made of water and that without it our body works so much more to get anything done, its the fundamental chemical in the human body. Drink more water the more active you are, most adults should intake around 2 liters per day, although nearly none of them do. Staying properly hydrated means more energy, a faster metabolism, and a happier, more energetic mood. It keeps everything just right.

Supercharge your life with Cardio

Improving your heart health is the biggest benefit to an everyday cardio exercise. Your heart is a muscle and requires a workout to stay in shape much like the rest of your body. There’s absolutely no product or diet that will improve your metabolism more drastically than a few simple cardio exercises each day. Our last healthy habit probably presents the greatest challenge to most people: cardio! Its rare to find people who get their every day cardio, but I don’t think you could find one person who knows they should be developing the habit. Gym rats who love working up a burn can benefit from reduced soreness times with a little cardio each day before their main sets.

By falling into the healthy habits above you’ll get a strong introduction to what lifestyle changes can do for your mood, energy levels, and focus. Of course its important to know your body and do whats right for you, but following the habits we’ve listed is a great start to developing a customized plan.